Click on the Link Below or Image (opens in new window)

irrimax logo

Click the SIGN IN button
You should now have the Irrimax Live login screen displayed:

In the Username field enter: ipvguest
In the Password field enter: demo1234

This will take you to the Irrimax Live folder list for this demonstration:

Click the folder icon to see available graphs then click any of the graph icons presented:

In the open graph click the ALL DATA drop down list (top right of graph) and select desired time range:

Use the links above the currently displayed graph to return to the full graph or folder list.

You have now experienced the basics of Irrimax Live.

… just think of the benefits:

Check your irrigation day or night – whenever you like

See the effect of that 10 – 20mm of rain

Check to see how your soil moisture content is fairing prior to the onset of extended hot weather

Ascertain how long until crops reach stress levels

Calculate your required watering regime – remove the doubts of too much or too little watering

Monitor the effectiveness of your fertigation programs

For more information on implementing the Irrimax Live system contact IPV

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